Jun 3, 2013


Sometimes you just do not wan´t to go to bed.
You just wan´t to enjoy those moments to yourself.
Do you have that?
I guess you don´t.
But I guess your life is not work 24/7 either.
I met Of Monsters and Men today at the festival.
I love their overly folky music.
A little too much of "LAA-LAA-LAA".
Oh, Oh and "HEY-HEY-HEY".
And what else.
"And they´re so happy".
I had to tell them that their song "Love, Love, Love" made me cry.
It was a song that just reminded me of my friend.
(And we´re playing a lot of the same festivals as them)
Oh lord.
I´m so emotional now days.
Toughen up, girl.
I miss her.
And someone was amazingly waving the finnish flag.
In the audience.
In Texas.
No Finnish bands were playing.
I guess that´s what we do.
It was an american who thought it was the Icelandic flag.
Finnish sisu.
I think I finally understand the meaning of that.
I have it.

Otherwise I would have given up a long time ago. 

I fly to Miami tomorrow.
Maybe for a day. 

Stars & Stripes & Annikki. Getting sick of it?
Me & A birthday girl backstage
(never saw the festival area).

Saw this at Taco Bell.
Does that give you street cred?


The most amazing pizza box. 


I´m good at being messy. 

IGGY. Sorry the worst pic.
He rocked so hard someone had to basically carry him to the car.
He just laid down in the car and they took off his shoes for him.
Got to meet the Stooges though.

Thanks NYT-liite for mentioning me too. 


Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for the past couple of months! I spend a majority of my weekdays at work in a windowless office with flourescent lights :-( I love being able to escape and read about someone else's life. I love your style! I wish I was brave enough to wear the clothes I really want to wear. Music and travel are a must in my life. I dig your photos!

Peace ~ Sarah

Annika said...

Hi Sarah!
Thank you so much for your feedback! <3
WINDOWLESS, where abouts in the world?

Everyone can be brave and you are able to do whatever you want to do in this life, the choice is yours.
Music & Travel really expand you as a person, and makes you understand this world a little bit better I guess.

Much love to you!

Anonymous said...

Of course! I live in Louisville, KY - probably known for the Kentucky Derby.

I actually work as a social worker for people with HIV/AIDS. I just genuinely love to help people, so I can handle being windowless for periods of time :)

Very true, the choice is mine! I am branching out slowly, but surely.

I feel like right when I start to understand the world, then I don't sometimes.

I will be traveling to Seattle and Portland in a few months -so very stoked!

I will be seeing Father John Misty here in a few weeks-it will be awesome!

Thanks for the love! I will look forward to your thoughts and photos!

Peace and love ~ Sarah

Annika said...

Oh Louisville never been there - YET!

You are doing a great job, and must be amazing to help people! You have an amazing energy.

I love Portland & Seattle, lucky you!
And Father John Misty, NO WAY! I´ve been missing him by days here and there during travels, but I should be seeing him very soon, by the looks of it. If I´m lucky.
Have been waiting for it so long!

Thanks for being in touch Sarah!