Jun 11, 2013

I was on morning tv.

In Finland.
For about 5 minutes.
I came home after 2 beers.
And 2 tequilas.
And felt a bit giggly.
I was so nervous.
And I thought I would have time to explain my pictures.
I had some really random pictures.
Because I thought the topic would be "tour life".
One of the weirdest ones.
An unmade bed.
By the way it was the best bed I´ve ever slept in.
So it got it´s 5 minutes of fame.
Anyways I can´t even watch the clip now abroad.

After that I continued my journey.
Out in the Atlanta night.
We met up with our friends.
The ATL Twins.
If you have seen the movie Springbreakers.
You know who they are.
Or you can just google.
Really sweet people.
A perfect example where IMAGE.
And reality.
Don´t go hand in hand.
Image always lies.
I was offered a job yesterday too.
Maybe I´ll move to Atlanta.
One day.
Tomorrow we go home to Miami.
And there for about 12 hours.
Then off to Bonnaroo.

Park hang. 

The Earl, backstage. 

Frontbar at The Earl. 

My ATL buddy, Dorien. 

The Clearmont. 

Buckhead, ATL.

A new Tony Hawk skatepark. 

Me being a nerd. 


Sab said...


Anonymous said...


Saw Father John Misty last night - I fell in love :)


I liked your post about Beyoncé and strippers. My co-worker is pregnant and we have named her unborn child Beyoncé. I shortened it to Bey Bey. I'm sure the baby will come out shaking their booty.

Hope all is well in your world :)

Peace and love ~ Sarah

Annika said...

No way! so he was amazing? Was he weird as I´ve heard ? Jealous!


Anonymous said...

He totally was - he was dancing around, shaking his hips. He kept saying crazy, funny stuff!