Jun 6, 2013


Atlanta is nothing what I expected.
It´s nice.
I pictured it to be overly rough.
And grey and I don´t know.
I am actually like the deep south.
Houses with porches.
Southern food
(Getting fat).
Arrived yesterday.
Short flight.
Rental car.
Back to the roots.
Hearing to a lot of stories of the past.
Meeting family and friends.
Makes me miss my family.

Still have no return flights home or anywhere else.

Just know Nashville is coming up next week.
And Billy Idol.
And Europa.

ATL surroundings. 

An amazing house I visited yesterday.

Amazing house part II.

Amazing house part III.

Coffee + Mexican food for breakfast. Guess how good that´s for your tummy.

ATL is kitch paradise. 


Oh how special I felt when I saw all the people who had been there. NOT. 


I had to put these guys on time out today. 

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