Jun 17, 2013

I sometimes forget.

I have yet again neglected you.
4 days.
Please forgive me.
I am laying in my bed in Miami.
He's snoring next to me.
My boyfriend.
Abuelo, the dog.
I am wearing my new bathrobe.
It has a hoodie.
(I hope I've shared my love for bathrobes with you.)
I just decided I'm going to bring it with me to Europe.
On the tour bus.
I am home for 2 whole days.
Yesterday I landed.
And on wednesday I fly.
Today I put together a package.
To be sent to Finland.
Soul Vintage Helsinki.
Have you heard of it?
This'll be there soon.
Damn it.
Will tell you about Bonnaroo.

What can I say.
Honky Tonk bar.
United States.
I would never have thought I would dance to country music.
A 75 year old man.
Asked me to dance.
Good ol' country.
I said "I'm only here to observe".
With disappointment in his eyes
he watched me later dance away.

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