Jun 7, 2013

Have you ever.

Been the only white person in a bar?
Where they only play hip hop.
And everyone knows the lyrics to all the songs.
And all the ladies look like Beyoncé.
And you feel a little funny.
Being the only white and blond person there.
Looking at someone´s J.Lo. booty.
And feeling what you got going on back there.

Seen 50 year old strippers dance on a table.
In a white trash bar.
In a basement.
While a band plays cheesy southern covers.
And they wear cowboy hats.
And have long hair.
And use a "nickelback" voice.
And everyone in the bar drinks PBR´s.
And you can buy shirts that say "I saw your momma dance at...".
Have you?

I hadn´t.
But I guess it was a first for all of the above last night.
Option B) was hilarious.
Felt like your in a bad movie.
I love this overly american southern vibe.
Sorry if someone is offended.
Or shocked (relatives or family).

B) Medicinal cups as shot glasses. 

Been driving this huge Lincoln around all day.

I miss my dark long hair.
So much.
Isn´t it better? YES!

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