Feb 18, 2014

Caribbean life.

I am on a paradise island.
Caye Culker, Belize.
No cars.
Island life.
I got here yesterday.
And I am staying at the coolest hostel.
Where it feels like we all are room mates.
So communal.
And everyone is super social.
I am so happy.
Meeting amazing people.
With a lot of stories.
And different experiences.
But still.
Here we are.
In the same place.
Belize is a cool place.
So different than Guatemala.
Feels like I am in Jamaica.
They talk in the same way.
And the vibe is what I would imagine in Jamaica.

I updated my flickr today.
No pics from Belize yet.
Soon to come.

Climbed few of these the other day.
Went there at 4:30am.

Met one of these at the top of the ruin.

Been remembering that I did need more color in my life.

And more color, in Flores, an island in a lake in Guatemala.

Bad restaurant choices, with good views.

I love my street food.
I taste the love.
And I love that this meal was in total $1,30

These ladies had a table full of amazing, mind blowing, home made food.

Basketball courts with lake views and sunsets, not bad.

I kept walking around saying WOW and AMAZING, which I do constantly now days.

My last picture, my departure from Belize city to Caye Culker.

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Anonymous said...

My stupid comments. Sorry. Mutta ihania värejä. I'm in love. Muistuttaa jotenkin paljon Réunionia...vaikka onkin erilainen! Niiiiin kaunista!!!