Feb 16, 2014

Later post.

Yesterdays thoughts.
I feel the wind in my hair.
The sunshine in my face.
The window next to me is open.
My arm might be slightly burned.
From dangling out from the window.
The past 6 hours. 
No wait, 7.
I've been mostly smiling.
Waving to locals.
Taken mental photographs.
Somehow thought about the Lion King.
I guess the fields I saw reminded me.
Tried to describe how I feel.
Tried to stress myself out.
On stupid things.
Realized everything works out.
I am worry free. 
Stress will not be apart of me.
Yesterday I realized.
I want to be a gypsy. 
Until I find what's mine.

Today I stood at the top.
The top of Mayan Ruins.
I can't believe the wonders of the world.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ihania kuvia. Niin kaunista!! Ihanaa, susta tulee hyvä gypsy! Mun belgian puolelta ollaan sukua espanjalaisille gypseille. aika hauska juttu. Ehkä sullakin on gypsy blood :)