Feb 1, 2014


Sitting here.
Waiting for my friend. 
The airport is calling. 
I feel so strange. 
I did a big Miami night on thursday.
I will remember it forever. 
I did not sleep until 2pm yesterday.
Suffered all day. 
Everything is packed. 
I can´t even express how much I hate packing. 
I have done it more than "normal people". 
I never get better. 
I wonder if my backpack is too heavy. 
Maybe I´ll just throw stuff away on the way. 
I wish I could do a whole Miami dedication post. 
But you know what. 
I´m not really into that shit. 
It happened. 
You have seen it happen since I started this blog. 
Why look back. 
When I can look forward. 
Gracias Miami. 
You gave me a lot. 
I hated you a lot. 
I loved you a lot. 
I never fully understood you.
It´s time.

I got tear drops but I ain´t cryin. 


some girl. said...

where the finger tattos come from? did they hurt?

Annika said...

I´ve had them for a while, maybe since october :)
They were nicer in the beginning but fingers and tattoos don´t go well together, but I don´t really care.