Feb 20, 2014

Island life is slow.

I feel like this is the first time.
In a very long time.
Where I can do nothing.
And not feel the guilt.
It´s ok to not be productive.
I have had a hard time adjusting.
I still am adjusting. 
It´ll be a long process.

Yesterday I took the bike.
Went to the southern end of the island.
Found a wooden, old, handmade little jetty. 
I sat down. 
Heard nothing but nature. 
Saw nothing but turquoise water. 
And a little hut in the ocean. 
Invaded by birds. 
I was so taken by the whole beauty. 
And by what I was feeling. 
And what I was seeing.
I started crying. 
It felt so good. 

Yesterday I moved into a beautiful room.
It´s private.
It´s in a tower. 
It has windows in 3 directions. 
It has a hammock. 
I have ocean view. 
Sunset view. 
And I feel like I have my very own little treehouse. 

Light play on my very own pier.

My room and the view I wake up too.

Yesterday I stopped at this cute tiny graveyard.
I love old graveyards for some reason.
There´s a charm and beauty in them.

The highlight of yesterday.

The trail that took me to my paradise.
Here´s my new boyfriend.
Actually there´s two, they look exactly the same.
We play everyday.

My street, Island life. 
I met this cute little girl.
She´s 18 and travelling by herself all the way from Germany.
She reminded me so much of my old friend.

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