Feb 14, 2014

Slow life.

I am so sorry. 
For the delay. 
The internet is not the best in the jungle of Guatemala. 
I will try to upload pictures now.
I arrived here Monday. 
After an entire day of being on a bus. 
My ass was hurting a lot. 
It´s a bumpy ride. 
I am in a place called Semuc Champay.
Jungle life. 
Beautiful lakes. 
Monkeys in the trees.
Tubing in the river. 
Seeing locals wash themselves on the way. 
I have had an amazing 2 weeks with my friend Lasse. 
Who is also an adventurer from my mother country. 
We parted yesterday. 
He took off early in the morning.
And I am now on my very own adventure. 
I miss him.
I miss the company.
But I will see him soon.
And now I am on my very own adventure. 
Tomorrow I will be on the bus again for 10 hours.
I will go to Flores, Guatemala. 
Then Tikal, mayan ruins. 
Then through Belize. 
Then from Belize to Utila, Honduras.
There I will do my open water certificate. 
Start diving. 
And then I´m heading to Nicaragua. 

The other day. 
I stood at the top of the waterfall. 
It looked like from a scene from the Blue Lagoon. 
Turquoise water. 
I looked up to my right.
I saw the trees moving. 
Four monkeys eating.
Holding on the branches with their tails. 
I looked to my left. 
A steep mountain. 
With gigantic trees. 
Reaching for the water. 
Loud sounds. 
I said. 
I wish I could capture this very specific moment. 
So I could share it with you. 
So you could feel how my blood pulsates. 
So you could feel how fresh the air is. 
So you could feel the massive force of the waterfall. 
Vibrating through my body. 
So you could feel that very specific moment.
That tingling feeling of butterflies in your stomach. 
That moment where you say to yourself. 
"Where am I?". 
And "How did I get here". 
The only thing that came out of me. 
At that moment was. 

Not the exact moment I described. 
But nearly. 
Please check out my Flickr for more pictures. 
Or Instagram. 
Also www.annikaoksanen.com 
Where I started a section. 

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