Feb 5, 2014


Is amazing right now.
I´m surrounded by jungle.
In a really beautiful place.
In San Marcos, Guatemala.
I live in a little hut.
Sleep upstairs.
My bathroom.
And my shower is outdoors.
I did a hula hoop workshop last night.
And I walk bare feet.
I´m happy.

Cuteness overload.

Beautiful towns.

Black and colours.

Car rides.

Swimming in lakes.


No cars.

Nature´s gifts.
Crosses and towns.




so said...

girl, that places look so well, nature around things, i really dont know how is the people in that country. Cool post.

Maria R said...

De ser så fint ut o vattnet så rent. Är människorna vänliga där? Är luften ren? Vi skå åka till dom där trakterna på honeymoon.. Saknar dej.