Oct 15, 2013

Really? Me?

I can't believe I'm getting recognized.
I have always felt like an outsider.
In the blog world.
I don't call myself a blogger.
I write.
Take pictures. 
And this is my portal.
But now I'm nominated.
Blog of the year. 
On Yle X3M.
I can't believe it.
I'm in the same category with 2 long timers.
Can't compete with that.
Please vote.
For me.
Or the amazing Jeanette.
Or Anne.

You can VOTE HERE. 

I just cancelled the mexico trip.
That was happening today.
4 more days of Miami sunshine.

I should start a "People of Florida" blog.
This dude was walking nowhere near the beach. 
Showing off his tattoo.
"Hi Mom, Here's my new boyfriend".

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