Oct 24, 2013

Autumn light.

Fell asleep 5am yesterday.
It was a fancy fancy charity event.
If you´ve seen Gossip girl.
It was that kind of an event.
I was the only person wearing a beanie.
Everyone and anyone had long beautiful hair.
Amazing dresses and food.
Though crowd.
My highlight was when two models were fake crying on stage.
Begging for money donations.
Then we went to a bar.
Open mic night.
Today I got up early.
And saw my beautiful american sister.
Picked her up from school.
Took her to lunch.
And watched her volley game.
PS. I have not been in cold like this since...
I´m not even sure when.

And shot her in my studio.

Taylors light Taylors nyc light.

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