Oct 27, 2013

Long nights, late mornings.

Dog park visit.
Tompkins Square park.
It was Halloween in there.
All the puppies had crazy outfits.
Only in America.
Met up with friends.
People came and went during the night.
We went around town.
Ended up having a little get together at the hotel.
I wen´t to bed at 5am.
Slept forever.
And ever.

Last year I was on tour during Halloween.
We went horseback riding in Montana.
So I only now realized.
Halloween is celebrated for 3 weekends.
Everyone was dressed up yesterday.
Except us.

I wish this would be my studio.
I love the bathroom.
And I know you will have opinions about this picture.
It´s the same as the subject of bikinis vs. underwear.
Why is it wrong being seen in underwear?
But then people walk in the streets of Miami in a bikini.
Would they do it in underwear?
This is probably wrong.
Because I´m in a towel.
Sharing a private moment.
Even if you can´t see more skin than being in a bikini.
I don´t need to explain.
It´s art.

The Perfume bottle

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