Oct 25, 2013

I wonder if she´d be proud of me?

Today I worked a little bit.
And also got a tattoo for my grand mother.
Her name was Terttu.
Which is the most old school name ever.
My middle name was in her honour.
I´m proud I was able to know her.
But I wish I would have been able to know her as an adult.
Knowing another adult.
I wish I would´ve heard stories about her life.
About losing her husband.
I wish she would´ve been able to share her wisdom.
About adulthood.
I only knew her as a kid.
Knowing her grandmother.
Telling me to take my feet off the living room table.
During her stay for christmas.
Everytime we went over she had these candies.
I hated them.
But I still always had one.
They´ve been around since 1895.
And I´m pretty sure they have never changed the logo.
So here it is.
You eat them too right?

I also had some fun with my camera today.
I love him.

Hard Times

Flashing lights
My view is amazing no matter what time I look out. 

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