Oct 2, 2013

Too much beauty makes you blind.

Had a friend from NYC over.
Brought me new energy.
New opportunities.
And good advice.
We´ll see if pursuing them will lead to something.
We all saw a psychic the other day.
She can´t read me.
At all.
I believed in her.
But now she just says same thing every time.
I thought she would lift me up.
A litte bit.
Can I close my eyes now?
And sleep for an entire day?
I need love.

Palm dreams
I´m starting to take all this beauty for granted.
I´m getting used to it .
Friends and clouds. 
80´s mirror
What an 80´s vibe?


ellercans said...
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ella said...

Love your blog! What is it exactly that you do? Looks amazing!

Annika said...

Hi Ella!
thank you for your kind words :)
I work basically 24/7 in the music biz.

Thanks for showing interest!