Oct 31, 2013


I met my amazing friend Venla.
She is from Finland aswell.
I think I was 15 when I met her.
She used to be my dance teacher.
We have always kept in touch.
And I really look up to her.
She is this strong amazing woman,
Now it happens that she´s living in NYC too.
And we have very similar thoughts on life.
And our roots.
During the years I´ve taken portraits of her.
And yesterday I brought my camera and took some beautiful shots.
She has this amazing energy that always gives me something.
I´m so lucky to have amazing people in my life.

Later I saw my other friend.
And we happened to be sitting next to Robyn.
Of course I had to be awkward and go over and say something.
In swedish of course.
She was with her family.
Even more awkward.

Out of the blue.
I find out that we are going to a halloween party.
Not just any halloween party.
But Michael Stipes halloween party.
I made it simple and dressed up as Jason.
People in masks freak me out.
So I had to avoid freaking others out.
And I kept removing my mask all the time.
Robyn was there.
And we actually became friends.
So I had the chance to make fun of my awkward approach earlier.
I talked to Michael Stipe for a while.
Making stupid jokes, not realising it was him.
He took off his wig and I was like.
Oh hey.
Liv Tyler was there too.
She took a picture of me.
I guess actors do make me a little starstruck.

All I can say is.
Today was not fun.
I had to get up really early.
A homeless person walk past me.
And said.
"Oh man you look tired".
I was like "Thank you, I know".

I´m a creep. 

My Jason outfit. Creepy.

Before I went to bed. 

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