Oct 28, 2013

Thank you.

I don´t know who you are.
But thank you for showing interest.
I just reached a significant amount of visitors today.
And I would love to see you comment more.
I have tried it before.
But I never hear anything.
But if you want to stay anonymous.
I respect that.

I talked to my mother today.
It had been a while.
Miss her a lot.
Talked to my sister yesterday.
She´s pregnant.
It´s very exciting.
I personally think I will be the coolest auntie ever.
Don´t you?

Also remember to vote for me, blog of the year. 
Or don´t.
I am very honoured to just be nominated.
Still can´t believe it.

I got this for my sisters baby.
Awesome, right? 

I watched the documentary Blackfish yesterday.
Do watch, it´s heartbreaking.
I really wish I one day would be able to work with protecting animals.
Dolphins and orcas.
We need to do something!
We can´t just close our eyes and pretend this cruelty isn´t going on.
Why do we think we own everything on earth?
I wish a species would take over and put some of us in tiny cages.
I´m so angry.

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Lina said...

HOWDY! Du är fab min vän :)