Oct 30, 2013

Just sitting here.

I had to relocate.
I moved my computer and my papers from my room.
To the lounge outside.
Sometimes you have to move to another location.
To get work done.
That´s why people have offices, right?

On Monday I had drinks with my friend Armando.
We decided to stay at my hotel.
We sat in the same place as I sit right now.
We start looking around and notice we´re surrounded.
By Patti Smith.
By a drunk Sam Shepard.
By David Byrne (talking heads).
By Steven Dorff (handsome).
We then gathered our troops and went to see our friend.
Willis Earl Beal play.
He was on tour with us last year.
And I barely ever saw him perform.
I now realised how amazing he is.
So amazing.
He is a true talent.
I have not heard a voice like his since Jimi Hendrix.
I cried a little bit.
Got a little shaky.
By his energy on stage.
I met Michael Jacksons nephew there.
He was handsome.
After the show me & my friend Armando went dancing.
To this club I´ve never been to.
Ended up at a painters after party.
I had no clue who he was until I stepped into his apartment.
Saw the huge studio.
And googled him.
I hate google.
Can´t people just stay a mystery?

Yesterday was a little painful.
Migraine and no sleep.
We got our touring car.
And went to see our friends new bar.
The new (legendary) Maxfish.
After that we had a family dinner.
And I had a sleepover with my american little sister.

Now I gotta take off.
What a life.
Tomorrow the road takes us on.

My fab friend Armando. 
New Maxfish and Ulli. 
Construction site. 

Painted Eyes.
Portrait of me by me taken the other day. 

My location and breakfast.

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