Oct 23, 2013

Here I sit.

In my hotel room.
Eating blueberry pancakes.
With a side of bacon. 
My favourite.
I hear sounds of traffic. 
I´m on the 12th floor. 
In a corner room. 
The light in this room is always amazing.
This might be the 5th or 6th time I stay here. 
We did a show on Monday in Brooklyn. 
We had an epic after party.
With a small group of people.
I went to bed at 5am. 
Yesterday I went to my favourite restaurant.
Please go if you have a chance. 
Then I saw a high school volleyball game.
Chilled in Brooklyn.
With my New York family. 
Came back. 
Had a bath.
In darkness.
While watching the view of the city. 
Today there´s a show for a charity. 

Street life
I love leather jacket weather.

Lights and music
The light, the light. 

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