Nov 14, 2013

NYC I have returned.

I´m here again.
We drove into DC.
Drove out.
5 hours later.
The city that never sleeps.
But it sure seemed like it was sleeping last night.
We have a double show tonight.
I feel like I should divide myself.
How can I be in 4 different places.
At the same time.
Do you have a secret solution?
I visited a very southern home the other day.
I wanted to lift down the bear.
Take it outside and yell:

1 comment:

Maria R said...

OOOOhh, vilken söt teddy! Int va den väl riktig? Oi stakin ha blivit hängd i ett träd.. :( Haha, du e rolig! Sku villa krypa ner på soffan o lyssna på dina juttun!