Nov 12, 2013


Fathers day was on sunday.
In Finland that is.
Not here in the US.
I miss my family even more when I know they´re all together.
In one place.
Talking and laughing.
And I´m not there.

I wanted to share some cool things about my dad.

He has a motorcycle.
Him and my mom go on motorcycle adventures every summer.
When I was a teenager I was embarrassed when they drove by.
Now days, damn I want my own bike.

He had this old "motorcycle" when I was a kid.
He picked me up from kindergarden and I sat on the back.

He has a boat.
He used to, and still does take us on boat adventures.
Ocean people as we are.
We sometimes went camping and all 5 family members slept in the same tent.
I want to do that with my kids.

The recent family memory.
That I love.
Is us all being at a party.
Maybe we had a drink or two.
As the evening proceeded.
I looked around.
My father.
My sister.
My brother.
My mother.
All busting moves on the dance floor.
And I realised.
(Not to brag)
We are a pretty awesome bunch of people.

I have amazing memories.
And as a kid/teenager you think that you never want to turn out like your parents.
And "I will raise my kids like this".
But the older I get.
The more I realise how amazing they were.
How greatly I was raised.
And how they´ve thought me a lot.
And how I probably will raise my kids in the way they did me.
I love you.


Anonymous said...

Oih, mikä ihana postaus!! Sun perhe kuulostaa ihanalta. Allekirjoitan niiiiiiin noi fiilikset omasta perheestä teininä ja miten sitä just tyyliin parin viimesen vuoden ajan ja etenkin nyt arvostaa NIIN paljon. Ja sit mietin kans aina, etten halua tulla niinkun mun perhe, mut itse asiassa, why not! :) Oma perhe on kyllä niin mahtava! tai ainakin meillä onnekkailla, joilla on ihana perhe! Sun blogi on ihana!
<3 ps. mullakin on taas blogi, boring mut I'm trying :D tosiaan vanhempia varten, mut jos kiinnostaa, niin

Ps. tunnen itseni 10-vuptiaaksi joka kommentoi jonkun idolinsa blogia. HAHA

xxxxx Elleni

Maria R said...

Härlig text! De e nästan så jag vill kopiera den o skicka den till mina föräldrar! De e mycke vi har att vara tacksamma för. <3