Nov 2, 2013

What a night.

We were supposed to leave NYC 3 days ago.
I gotta say.
Registering a car is a pain in the ass.
So after trying to arrange that yesterday.
We decided to sit down at about 5pm.
It all started with one drink.
Which escalated into many.
Which led us to have more friends surrounding us.
Which led us to go to Maxwell, the singers party.
Which led me to be at a club next to the hotel.
Which led me to be dancing like a crazy person.
With my friend.
Taking over the dance floor.
Which led me to walk out of the club when they closed.
Wondering where I was.
Realising I was next to the hotel.
Which led me to pass out.
And that´s about it.
I met amazing people.

New York, I love you more and more.
New York, I think we need to move it to the next level.
New York, I think we need to become more serious.
New York, I think I´m ready to commit.
New York, sweep me off my feet.

Take me now.
This was 2 hours ago. 

It seems I stole this last night from the party.

Just the most awesome plate. It´s all for you Romeo. 

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