Nov 3, 2013

Stop it.

He walked in.
He looked like he had just worked out.
He walked to the bar.
He was wearing a cap.
Turned the wrong way.
As I like it.
Before he sat down he pulled up his pants.
Grey sweat pants.
I looked at my friend.
He looked at me.
We were looking at the same thing.
And we giggled.
My friend looked away.
I knew I had to see the face.
He ordered a beer.
Sat down.
I kept wishing he would look my way.
He turned around.
He looked at me.
He smiled.
I wanted to fall off my chair.
I whispered to my friend in excitement.

Started from the bottom...


1 comment:

Lineriet said...

Bild ett, tänkte vem är det där?! Vilket betyder att om DB såg ut så där som ung kommer vi vara löjligt snygga som gamla..Just sayin.

(btw ta bort cachan, jobbigt att kommentera med den)