Nov 6, 2013

On the road.

Somewhere in Virginia.
I'm in the passenger seat.
We have a show today.
And we are about 6 hours away.
We've been driving for ages.
And ages.
I'm getting a slight feeling of panic.
I need to work out a lot of things.
I somehow stumbled into a new role.
I'm the tour manager.
I haven't been crowned.
And I don't want the title.
But I am doing everything. 
I have to say.
It comes very natural to me. 
Music City.
See you tonight.

Last time I was in Nashville.
I was in a Honky Tonk bar.
Watching people dance.
To this live country band.
An 80-year old man was eyeing me.
He walked over.
Asked me to dance.
I declined.

Now I can dance.
But as a Finnish person.
Country music isn't in my blood.

Bathroom brakes.
In sketchy truck stops.
Take me home.
Country roads.
Amish country.
Right now.

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