Nov 11, 2013

Day off.

Yesterday was a show day.
It was great.
Went pretty late.
We stayed here in North Carolina.
I had some beers.
First time for this whole adventure.
The evening was filled with deep conversations.
The more I talk about my photography.
The more I understand what my vision is.
And what I´m looking for.
What I want to show people.
What I want people to see.
I went to late to bed.
Woke up.
Walked around.
Felt good.
This is an amazing place.
I walked out.
And heard silence.
Small town charm.

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Carrboro rails.
Fall trails. 
Nico Turner
Moving office.
Work in the local office. 

1 comment:

Maria R said...

Ja sku så gärna villa ta ett par öl med dej! Ja ha tänkt på det många gånger under min vita period, att de enda jag saknar med alkohol är dina och mina pub-kvällar.. Härliga tider. Saknar dej. Ja ska kolla din flickr, usannikki? Fint att du hittat inspiration för fotografering igen, du e så duktig!