Nov 20, 2013


 A spontanious decision was made.
We had a day off.
We drove to NYC.
From Boston.
After a visit at Harvard.
Got tickets.
Backstage passes.
And went to see my biggest idol.
Mr. Yeezy.
Kanye West.
My third time.
It was amazing.
I was so happy.
I got even happier seeing my friend there.
She works for him.
And even happier.
At the intimate afterparty.
Kanye walked out from the bathroom.
And came over to me.
And started a conversation. 
I always felt like I didn't wanna meet him.
I didn't wanna ruin my image of him.
But he was so nice.
I was surprised.
And so so happy. 
I think I'll meet him again.
Kim was there too.

I'm in Cleveland now.
I will have a heart attack soon.

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